The Society was formed and performed their first show in 1928.

Previously a group of singers performed as Downfield South Church Junior Choir in the Church Hall probably from before the First World War.

 It was the refusal of the church minister to allow non church members to use the Church Hall that caused DMS, under the motivation of Mr W C Lamb who was known plainly as Pa Lamb, to be formed by moving out to rehearse in the Village Hall (which to this day is the Scout Hall)
Shows continued to be performed in the Village Hall in the late 20's and early 30's.

1927 1 before established society female1
1927 1 before established society church choir
1927 1 before established society church choir1

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The Surrounding photographs are all from productions prior to the formation of the Society, probably in the early 1920’s and all performed in the Village Hall, Downfield, which at that time was a separate village about 3 miles from Dundee

In the 1920's Dundee’s most famous artist McIntosh Patrick painted backcloths when he was a student

3005 5 downfield church copy

(Left) A paper cutting of Cupid and the Ogre in 1928 and below on stage of the same show.

The Company on stage and staged groups from the Production The Count of Como in 1930