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1939 the Show was cancelled due the start for the second World war and for nearly all of the 1940’s the Society was inactive. It was not until 1949 that the pre war committee with the motivation of Miss May Duncan who was the Society’s accompanist (May remained with DMS for well over 50 years) organised a public meeting in the Village on 1st April in the Masonic Hall when 25 people attnded and with £10 in the kitty the Society was reborn. The pre-war Production team recreated the last show before the war and “The Quaker Girl “ was reproduced in the Training College , Park Place Dundee. The rehearsal rooms in the Village Hall in Downfield were now owned by the Scout Association and permission to rehearse was refused so the Society started their long association with the famous food suppliers Smedleys and rehearsed in their canteen.

The Society’s direct connection with the village in Downfield therefore ceased in 1949

During the war years DMS continued to function in a limited way through the Aoelian Concert party


The Training College in Park Place Dundee where the Society decided to move to for their 1950 revival production of “The Quaker Girl”