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(Above) Ann Wallace as Mrs Geraldine O'Hare and Neil Stewart as Jimmy (Right) Joyce Chapman as Mrs Emmiline Marshall (Below Behind Piano) Davis Moncur, Gordon Philp,Neil Stewart. Jim Petrie (Standing) Frances Irons, Ann Wallace, and Stella Kiddie (Seated) Elizabeth Anderson, Fiona Moonie, Heather Crabb, Elizabeth Murison, and Anne Mooney in "Irene" in 1987

(Above Right) Chorus members Gillian Brown and Heather McQuillan, (Above) Christine Howie as Prince Charming and Laura Ferrie as Cinderella (Right) Graham Simpson (Graham Crammond) as Milly in Cinderella in 1986

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(Below Left ) Hazel Grieve as Priscilla the Goose and Roger Buist as Mother Goose. (Below) Ian c Anderson as The "Duke" and Roger Buist as Mother Goose (Below Right) Ian Donald as Sir Jasper in "Mother Goose" in 1989

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