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(Above) Roger Buist from "Windy City" (Above Right) Ann Wallce and Roger Buist (Above Left) Lynn MacFarlane (Below Right) Sinclair Ross and Hilary McLean (Below centre) Hilary McLean, Lynn MaFarlane and Elizabeth Murison. (Right) Mike Lynch and Lynn MacFarlane from the "Showtime" Series"

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1990 - 19941LADYshowtime my fair lady tt6
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1990 - 19941PLANETshowtimes space group2
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(Left) The Ships Crew from the Showtime Series 1991 to 1994

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(Above) George Wright and Gary Wright. (Left Centre) The Aggie Boys (Far Top Left) Ewan McDyer as The Governor in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" in 1991

1991 5 slide03
1991 5 slide15

(Above) Roger Buist as Daisie and Sinclair Ross as Maisie (Left Centre) Ewan McDyer as Buttons and Glorua Caird and Pauline Mitchell as Cuddie The Horse (Far Left) Laura Ferrie as Cinderella in "Cinderella" 1991

(Left) Lynn MacFarlane as The Witch. (Below) Roger Buist as Dame Trot, Pol Gowans as Virgil, Ewan McDyer as Euslace Ewan and Alastair Ogilvie as Brainless (Right) Hilary McLean as Fairy Pastit in "Cinderella" 1991

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(Far Left) The Godspell Company in "We Beseech Thee" from "Godspell" (Left) Lynn MacFarlane (Above) The Godspell Company. (Above Left) Graeme Neil Smith as Jesus in Godspell in 1992