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In the late 2000’s the DMS website was developed but it was not until 2012 that the site was expanded and improved and further developed to what it is today. The website ensures that the Society are “hit” by surfers from all parts of the world and in recent years tickets have been ordered through the site from Canada, Australia, The United States, and several European countries for their shows


In 2012 DMS suffered from the national financial recession in the UK and were forced, for the first time in their history, to cancel their spring production of "Anything Goes".


In 2012 Tayport Musical Society would join forces  with St Peter and St Paul’s Musical Society and perform a Successful show in the Starlight


Later in 2012 DMS were invited to present the Closing Award Ceremony Cabaret at the Waterford International Music Festival which they did to a standing ovation in the Theatre Royal. This was the second time the Society had entertained at the awards ceremony, the first being in 1997, and was another example of the very close friendship that DMS have with Waterford            


Also in 2012, DMS once again  ventured into the world of Drama when they presented the Scottish Amateur Premier of “Calendar Girls”  and Mother Goose played to over 6000 happy Panto goers in December 2012 in the newly managed Whitehall Theatre, continuing to be the Premier Panto in the City


In December 2012 the DMS website registered a quarter of a million hits


2013 saw another Tayside Premier presented by DMS with  Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Whistle Down the Wind" at the Whitehall Theatre which received significant critical acclaim


2013 also saw DMS presenting the Scottish Amateur Premier (and only the third amateur company in the UK) of Monty Python's Spamalot once again to great public acclaim.


The Starlight Showroom continued to be popular with other theatrical groups and Thomson Leng Youth Music Theatre presented a highly successful "Seussical The Musical"


Another highly acclaimed Panto "Dick Whittington, a 29th year at Peebles and the Starlight hosting a community based group Panto saw 2013 closing as one of DMS's best years.


2014 was another highlight year for DMS.  Once again the Cabaret group appeared in the Invercarse Hotel appearing at the Dundee FC Supporters club Dinner.

April saw the return of that audience favourite “Oliver” and another play in the Starlight with the hilarious “Vicar of Dibley”.  


In keeping up a tradition of presenting premiers “The Drowsy Chaperone” was presented in the Starlight.


The Whitehall Theatre changed Management once again and the new team apointed a Venue Coordinator and Technical Supervisor. A new company (The Dundee Whitehall Theatre Limited) was established with Kenny Christie Lina Waghorn and Graeme Smith as directors. The Theatre is now a viable and successful organisation  and through significant refurbishment is attracting substancial bookings and incrased business


For the fourth time in their history DMS returned to Peebles Hydro to present the Midnight Cabaret at the Scottish National Conference. Unfortunately after 30 years due to a change of management Downfield’s annual Christmas and New Year Cabarets  at the Hydro came to an end. Truly an end of an era.


The year finished off with a record breaking Panto “Jack and the Beanstalk”.


2015 started with another Tayside Premier and a highly acclaimed production of “Sister Act”  followed by several "Cabarets at the Starlight " and "Babes in the Wood"


Dms continues to present cabarets at the Invercarse Hotel for Dundee Rotary and Dundee Football Club


2016 saw another premier to the City when "Signin' in the Rain" was presented at the Whitehall















The boys of the workhouse in "Oliver (Top left) Mark Curran as Oliver and Bradley Vannet as the Artful Dodger meet for the first time (Top Right) and Alastair Ogilvie as Bill Sykes and Marlowe Simpson as Nanacy as she meets her demise (Above) ; Ewan McDyer as Fagin with his Gang (Left) ; Nancy  with Rebecca Waghorn as Bet (Right) in Oliver 2014

Gillian Brown as Gerladine Granger ( Far Left)  ; Elaine Thomson as Alice Tinker with Gillian Brown  (Left) Gillain  with Graeme Neil Smith  as Owen, Richard Waghorn as Hugo, Nigel Ferguson as David, Andrew Wison as Frank, Helen Davie as Letitia, and Graham Mitchel as Jim sit around the committee table  (Below) ; Gilliand and Richard (Above) Elaine and Richard with Gilliand (Right) in "The Vicar od Dibley" 2014

2014 Peebles NODA cabaret 1

The company finale at Peebles Hotel Hydro presenting the NODA Conference Midnight Cabaret in October 2014  (Right)

Alastair Ogilvie as Dopey and Billy Naismith as Soapy  (Above) ; Ewan McDyer as Bammy Benny and Ewan Campbell as Dame Trott (Above Right); Carly Millar as Chip Cara Walker as the Ice Spirit and Kacie Lyttle as Dale  (Far Right Above) ; Marlowe Simpson as Jack with the Company (Below left) ; Lucy Flight as Muckle, J, Pamela Howat as Mickle (Below Centre) Laura Ferrie as The Demon ( Far below) osh Smith as Ivor Lottadosh  (Right)  Gillian Brown as Fairy Twinletoes (Below)  in Jack and the Beanstalk 2014

Lynn Macfarlane as The Mother Superior (Above ) ;Raymond Woods as TJ, Alastair Ogilvie as Joey, Josh Smith as Ernie, and Ewan Campbell, as Pablo watch Delores's audition  (Above) Marlow Simpson as Delores Van Cartier (Top Far Right); Ewan McDyer as Curtis and Ross Leslie as Eddie (Below) the Nuns in song (Righ Centre) ; Rachel Weir as Sister Mary Robert with Delores (Far Bottem Right)  and Company Action (Above) from "Sister Act" 2015

The Drowsy Chaperone 5 The Drowsy Chaperone 2 The Drowsy Chaperone 1


The Company in the The Drowsy Chaperone 2014

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Ewan McDyer as Dopey Danny and Gill Brown as Crazy Daisy with the tree (Above), Laura Ferrie as The Tree Demon (above), Ewan Mcdyer as Dopey Danny and Ewan Campbell as Nurse Molly Coddle (Below)

Graeme Neil Smith as The Sheriff of Nottingham and Josh Smith as Herbert Slimeball (Above Right)  and Marlowe Simpson as  Robin Hood  (Right) in Babes in the Wood in 2015