2014 Vicar of Dibley 034

Gillian Brown as Gerladine Granger ( Far Left) ; Elaine Thomson as Alice Tinker with Gillian Brown (Left) Gillain with Graeme Neil Smith as Owen, Richard Waghorn as Hugo, Nigel Ferguson as David, Andrew Wison as Frank, Helen Davie as Letitia, and Graham Mitchel as Jim sit around the committee table (Below) ; (Then in order from left to right) Elaine , Richard, Graeme, and Nigel in "The Vicar od Dibley" 2014

2014 Vicar of Dibley 035
2014 Vicar of Dibley 036
2014 Vicar of Dibley 068
2014 Vicar of Dibley 070
2014 Vicar of Dibley 047
2014 Vicar of Dibley 052

The company finale at Peebles Hotel Hydro presenting the NODA Conference Midnight Cabaret in October 2014 (Right)

The Drowsy Chaperone 1
2014 Jack and the Beanstalk 350

Alastair Ogilvie as Dopey and Billy Naismith as Soapy (Above) ; Ewan McDyer as Bammy Benny and Ewan Campbell as Dame Trott (Above Right); Carly Millar as Chip Cara Walker as the Ice Spirit and Kacie Lyttle as Dale (Far Right Above) ; Marlowe Simpson as Jack with teh Company (Below) ; Lucy Flight as Muckle, Josh Smith as Ivor Lottadosh , Pamela Howat as Mickle (Below Centre) Laura Ferrie as The Demon ( Far Right below) in Jack and the Beanstalk 2014

2014 Jack and the Beanstalk 096
2015 Sister Act 038