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Back in the 1970's a local artist, George Martin,  who was a former freelance illustrator and whose work was featured in many DC Thomson publications, including People's Friend, My Weekly, Bunty and Mandy, sketched on stage  characters in Downfield's “Naughty Marietta”, “Charlie Girl”, “The King and I”, “Half a Sixpence” “Hello Dolly” and “Camelot”  which he later donated to the Society. The collection is a fabulous piece of local theatrical history that has been hidden away in the DMS Archives for over 35 years. Now for the first time they have been photographed and are now available for all to see on the web. DMS hope you enjoy these drawings, and I am sure,  for the cast that took part in these shows, and see themselves in one of the drawings, it will bring back many memories.


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