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In April 1985 the "New" clubrooms at 27 - 29 Guthrie Street Dundee when Downfield Musical Society moved from 128 Lochee Road. Honorary President Bill Crowe officially opened the clubrooms in front of many members, patrons, representatives of other Musical groups, and guests. After the official opening ceremony a cabaret was presented by Ian Lees and featured George Duffus and Ann Wallace. DMS  still occupy these Clubrooms which were transformed into the “Starlight Showroom” in 2009  


(Above) Bill Crowe officially opens the club and reveals the commutative plaque (Below and Above Right) Bill looks pleased with the plaque honoring his opening ceremony (Right) The refurbished rehearsal hall in 1985 ready for the opening ceremony

(Extreme Above) Bill Crowe addresses the company with his opening speech (Above) Graeme Neil Smith Speak to the Company  with Local Councillor Charles Farquhar at the extreme left with Life Member, Margaret Anderson to his right and President Jenny Lawrie to his left. (Above Centre) Jenny Lawrie makes her presidential speech (Above Right) Jenny accepts a presentation of a clock from Bill Crowe to mark his opening of the Clubrooms (Right) Jenny thanks Bill. (Below) The group of Life Members and Officials attending the ceremony, (Front Row) Margaret Anderson, Chris Crowe, Jenny Lawrie, May Duncan. Muriel Robertson. (Back Row) Councillor Charles Farquhar, Bill Crowe, Graeme Neil Smith, Dan Carmichael and Norman Robertson

(Right) Ann Wallace (Below) George Duffus and (Below Right) Ian Lees all entertain at the Cabaret following the Opening Ceremony

Members and guests attending the opening ceremony of the clubrooms in Guthrie Street in April 1985