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Early Cabarets in Lochee Road (Below Left) Lynn MacFarlane and Lewis Dickenson. (Below centre) Roger Buist, Lewis Dickenson and  Bruce Gowans  and  Graeme Neil Smith (Below Right) Graem Neil Smith (Bottom Left) Roger Buist ( Bottom Centre) A typical Audience  in  (Bottom Right Ann Wallace, Elizabeth Murison, Elizabeth Anderson, Lynn MacFalane and Gail Davidson. Around 1979

Watching the Dundee marathon in the early 1980's from the Roof of Lochee Road

Elizabeth Anderson polishes the new nameplate in the mid 1970's

Elizabeth Murison gets the boot in the early 1980's

Bill Crowe in the Club Bar in the early 1970's

Andy Adams has a break from working on the club refurbishements in the early 1970's

Anne Mooney, Brian Donnelly, Elizabeth Murison, Bill Spalding, Elizabeth Anderson and Ian C Anderson have a break from working on the club refurbishements in the early 1970's

Harry Cumming, Ian C Anderson and Bill Crowe watching the Dundee marathon in the early 1980's

Club members at the opening of the bar in 1974

Club members at rehersal in the clubrroms in the early 1970's

Ian C Anderson at work in the rehearsal hall in the early 1970's

(Top) The finished Rehearsal Hall in 1973 (Above) Andy Adams, Ian C Anderson, and Lynn Smith at a production meeting in the Conmmittee Room (Top Left) Helen Simpson in the Tea Room (Below Left and Above Right) Davie in the Bar (Below left) Lex Spalding, Graeme Neil Smith, Ian Anderson (Big Ian), and Stella Wilson in the Green Room in the ealry 1970's

(Above) The Props Room in the early 1970's

(Above) The Props Room in the early 1970's

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(Above) The Kitchen in the early 1970's

(Above) 128 Lochee Road before moving into the building in 1972

(Above) 128 Lochee Road in 2012 still awating the duel carriageway (that was due to be built in 1985) to start!!


(Right) 128 Lochee Road, Dundee, home of Downfield Musical Society from 1971 to 1985 after being externally restored as a result of Dundee City Council's “Blackness Project” around 1981