1999 29albert hall outside f1

The Royal Albert Hall in London where Downfield Musical Society represented Scotland at the National Operatic and Dramatic Association's centenary celebrations

1999 21albert hall on stage 006

(Left and Right) The DMS company in action on the stage of The Royal Albert Hall in London

(Below) Howard Keele, the star of the show, performing one of his many hits (Far Right) Gail Johnstone, Dave McQuillan,Errol Farnan, Elaine McGill and Abbie Smith (Right) Laura Ferrie, John Auld,Gordon Hogg,Lynn Macfarlane and Gail Johnstone on stage.

1999 21albert hall on stage 005
1999 21albert hall on stage 005a

(Below Left) The DMS company in action on the stage of The Royal Albert Hall in London (Below Right) The full company of all socieites with MC Christopher Biggins and Howard Keele in the finale of the show (DMS in blue in the background)

1999 22albert hall inside group w002

(Above) The DMS company back stage in the Albert Hall awaiting their appearance (Right) In the dressing room (Below Left) Ron and Helen Wylie await the curtain

(Right) John Auld, Alastair Ogilvie, Lynn MacFarlane, and Ewan McDyer await the curtain (Below Left) Ron Wylie meets Rolf Harris after the show

1999 25albert hall ron and rolf
1999 25albert hall  girls with bonnie

(Right) Christine Low, Rhoda Burke and Abbie Smith with Bonnie Langford signing her autograph (Right) Helen Wylie with Howard Keele after the performance.

(Right) The celebration Programme (Click on the programme to read more) (Left) A group outside the Palladium Theatre in London

(Right) Gloria Caird, Alastair Ogilvie, Elezabeth Murison, Christine Low and Graeme Neil Smith in between rehearsal and performamce outside the Albert Hall (Below) The Celebration Dinner at the Natural History Museum in London

(Below) A group of DMS performers and supporters outside the Natural History Museum prior to the Celebration Dinner